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Release Date: January 17, 1992
Director: Ernest R. Dickerson
Writers: Gerard Brown and Ernest R. Dickerson
Musical Score: Bomb Squad
Available on: Paramount Home Video
Length: 95m
Rating: R
Box Office Sales: $20.15 million
Cast: Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur (Bishop), Jermaine Hopkins, Khalil Kain, Cindy Herron, Vincent Laresca, Samuel L. Jackson
juice.gif (7801 bytes) Tupac's first movie, he got the part on accident after going to an audition with a friend of his. He was critically acclaimed for his part of Bishop, and he modeled his Thug image after the character in the movie.   A great movie!

Four Harlem friends hang out and look for a way to get the power and the respect they call "Juice." One hopes to be a DJ, but another of the crew wants to make it big with an armed robbery--and he wants his buddies to help him. A powerful tale of urban l ife, backed with the beat of Big Daddy Kane, Salt N' Pepa and more.



Release Date: January 21, 1997
Director, Julien Temple
Writers: Bruce Rubenstein and Sir Eddie Cook
Sudio: New Line Home Video
Available on: New Line Home Video
Length: 96m
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Tupac Shakur (Tank), Ted Levine, Adrien Brody
bullet.gif (6982 bytes) This movie flat out sucked, even Tupac's performance couldn't make it worth watching. This was released straight to video after Tupac died.   White wannabe Gangsters.

You only get one shot at revenge! In this gritty, street-wise thriller, Rourke is a freshly released convict who finds his old criminal lifestyle drawing him back into the line of fire. The late rap sensation Shakur is terrific as Rourke's old nemesis, an inner city druglord. Stylish and powerful.



Release date: July 23, 1993
Director: John Singleton
Writer: John Singleton
Musical Score: Stanley Clarke
Studio: Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Companies
Available on: Columbia Tristar Home Video and Baker & Taylor Home Video
Length: 109m
Rating: R
Box office sales: $27.5 million
Cast: Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur (Lucky), Tyra Ferrell, Regina King, Joe Torry, Maya Angelou, Tone Loc, Q-Tip, Keith Washington
poeticjustice.gif (5346 bytes) One of the best known things about this movie was how Janet Jackson did not get along with Tupac, she refused to even kiss him unless he got tested for AIDS. Later 2pac said he wishes he could patch things up with Janet, and that he was just immature when they made the movie.  Pretty good movie, Tupc had to play a softer character in this one.

One of pop's reigning superstars makes her film debut in this street-smart love story from Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton. Jackson shines as Justice, an inner city poet on a romantic collision course with aspiring musician Shakur. An unforgetta ble drama featuring the music of Naughty By Nature and Tony! Toni! Tone! and the poetry of Maya Angelou.



Release Date: January 29, 1997
Director: Vondie Curtis Hall
Writer: Vondie Curtis Hall
Studio: Gramercy Pictures
Musical Score: Stewart Copeland
Length: 91m
Rating: R
Cast: Tim Roth, Tupac Shakur (Spoon), Thandie Newton
gridlockd.gif (15164 bytes) The first major movie released since Tupac's death, it was also another good movie.  This one was a comedy and I especially enjoyed the first scene, when they both think the ho has overdosed.   Damn hilarious!

Runaway excitement! Tupac and Roth are deadbeat musicians with a problem--they have something that a gangster will do anything to get--and the cops want it too! The only way to survive is to hit the streets and run. Features a dynamite rap soundtrack!



Release date: March 23, 1994
Director: Jeff Pollack
Writer: Jeff Pollack
Musical Score: Marcus Miller
Studio: New Line Cinema
Available on: New Line Home Video
Length: 97m
Rating R
Box office sales: $16.9 million
Cast: Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur (Birdie), Leon, Marlon Wayans, Tonya Pinkins, Bernie Mac
abovetherim.gif (5641 bytes) Tupac once again takes on the Thug image. This movie also has a great soundtrack. A great Tupac movie, would be better if he had a bigger part though.

Inner-city basketball star Kyle Lee Watson has a shot at a college scholarship. But with promises of easy money and fast living, a gang leader convinces Kyle that he should play for his street team instead. Now Kyle's career--and his life--hang in the bal ance. Gritty and powerful, with eye-popping hoops sequences.



Release Date: Fall 1997
Director: Jim Kouf
Writer: Jim Kouf
Studio: Orion Pictures
Cast: James Belushi, Tupac Shakur (Rodriguez), Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid
gangrelated.gif (9377 bytes) Tupac's last movie.. doesn't that say enough? Tupac must have liked the fact that he got to play a corrupt cop in this one..definately one of his best.

no-holds-barred police thriller! Belushi and Shakur (in his final role) are corrupt detectives who murder drug dealers for their money. But when they kill an undercover cop, it traps them in a web of deceit they may not be able to escape!


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