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  Long Live 2Pac - 1971 To 1996 "The Good Die Young"

In Memory Of Tupac, Only God Can Judge You, Revelation 20: 12.

Rest In Peace 2Pac



Thanx 2 all my komradz in every borough of every city of every state. Thanx to the ghetto Starz and future thug kingz & queenz. Money over bytches.
2 Pac - All Eyez On Me

Thug In Peace




"I'm sending this out to all my homeboyz that passed away, and all your homeboyz that passed away. I send this out to all the fallen soldiers that's in the cemeteries that never got to see their dreams, everything I touch you touch, for every step I take you take, every breath I breathe you breathe, every dollar I make you make. I told you we'd make it to the sunshine one day, you just got there a little quicker..."
Tupac Amaru Shakur / "The Good Die Young" - Still I Rise

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